Telford Environment Policy

Environment Policy

As both a business and private household, we realise the need to be observant about environmental issues. We are making a conscious effort to be more environmentally aware to minimise the impact our operations have on the environment as follows:

Power Consumption

To reduce our consumption of electricity, our light bulbs are low energy and low wattage and we always make sure to turn any unnecessary lights off. Outside lighting is sensor activated. Radiators have thermostatic valves.

We use an A rated washing machine and tumble dryer and aim to use the tumble dryer as little as possible. We line dry bed linen and towels whenever we can - in summer your towels may not be as soft once they have dried on the washing line!


We recycle all paper, glass, aluminium, plastic and cardboard by using the local council fortnightly collection schemes.

Waste Management

We provide complimentary soap and shower gel in our rooms. We find that guests bring their additional preferred toiletries and this saves plastic waste. We avoid single use plastic as much as we possibly can and substitute alternatives for items such as cling film, room bin liners, plastic disposable bags, soap dispensers and freezer bags.

We provide a glass bottle of chilled water daily in our guest bedrooms, and glasses, to again save on plastic waste.

Toilets have a dual flush facility to save water. We use refillable, eco-friendly domestic and toiletry products wherever possible.

Transport and Localism

We provide maps of Falmouth and encourage guests to leave their car and to walk to town as it is only a 5 minute walk away.

We recommend and support the high street independent shops and restaurants.

We source locally produced award winning sausages and bacon from outdoor bred pigs. Our eggs are free range. Coffee, sugar etc is Fair Trade.

Take 3 for the Sea

We support the 3 rule. Every time you visit a beach, if you pick up at least 3 pieces of plastic waste, then you have made a difference. Please help our marine life and save our delicate marine ecosystem.

Click here for more details on the Plastic Free Falmouth campaign:

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Guests at the Telford

As a guest here at the Telford, we hope that you too will take a little time to think about the environment during your stay - perhaps by turning off the lights in your room whenever possible, re-using towels, or by visiting local attractions and supporting the local area.